Apply for USA Boxing Certification:
  1. Register for a Non-Athlete Membership account or log into an existing account on USA Boxing.

  2. Select “Register Your Club" and complete the form.

  3. Submit payment.

Getting Certified


Upon applying for certification, a club evaluation will be conducted by an MAA appointed inspector. 

Once approved, log onto USA Boxing & select “Print Club Certificate” to retrieve a copy of your certificate.


Each year registered clubs  will receive a  USA Boxing Certified poster.

New Club Registration

"How to Renew your Club Certfication"
Renewing a Club Registration

Only an authorized club administrator can renew a club's certification.

  1. Log into your Non-Athlete Membership Account on USA Boxing

  2. Under Club Admin, My Club, Select “Renew my Club” ,

If you do not see the option to renew your club, contact the national office at  719-866-2323.

    3. Review your club's information and update if necessary

    4. Submit payment  to complete renewal process.

Inspection is not needed for renewing club's.

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